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Since its inception over nineteen years ago, de Val Grafik Source, LLC has been constantly learning and evolving. We have learned at every step: from light table to laptop. From cut and paste to PageMaker and QuarkXPress. From discovering audience-targeting to showcasing rich media. We know and accept the truth that "content is king", but we have learned that - our own subjectivity aside - presentation and design guide the reader and induce interest.

de Val Grafik Source's, years of experience in the graphic arts, graphic design, photography, publishing, and information technology allow us to strive to timely support the requirements for an extensive range of publications and reports. de Val Grafik Source's experience and knowledge covers the spectrum of printed media.We are intrinsically familiar with all aspects of composition techniques, color coordination and mixes, layout and pre-press management. de Val Grafik Source uses its skills, knowledge and experience to develop compelling marketing campaigns and strategies. de Val Grafik Source possesses the experience and ability, as well as all the latest equipment and software to comply with all the requirements of the task. Having recently successfully, timely and within budget completed similar and identical projects for clients such as the U.S. Department of Education, Abt Associates, Academy for Educational Development, LTG Associates, and various others.

de Val Grafik Source's design philosophy is simple and straight forward - minimalistic, uncluttered and brilliant in a simple 'crispy-clean' approach - devoid of design elements and uncalled-for colors that distract from content. Our designs are coherent in the marriage of words and elements, flawlessly giving visual synergy to the blend, and; thus inducing the readers' interest by simple composition and well-thought placement of photographs, charts. tables and such. However, our 'business sense' accepts and understands the subjectivity of art and the likes and dislikes of our clients, and thus we strive to meet and compose based on stylistic demands, color preferences and established formats - all of which is considered together with the material's content and target audience.